Since the pioneer days of the American Midwest, quilts have been a cornerstone of Missouri culture, fashion, and tradition. In honor of our great state’s two-hundred-year anniversary, The State Historical Society of Missouri and Missouri Star Quilt Company are teaming up to create the Missouri Bicentennial Quilt! Using one quilt block from each and every Missouri county and the independent City of St. Louis, they’re looking to create a quilt featuring the unique characteristics of Missouri culture and style. Block submissions should feature or represent important aspects of the geography, culture, or landmarks of their respective counties, e.g. buildings, prominent landscape features, historic events, etc. Missouri Star Quilt Company will assemble the blocks into a quilt, which will then be shown at events statewide during the Missouri Bicentennial! Help us spread the news about this fantastic tribute to the Show-Me State’s history and heritage.


Block submissions for Cole County should be 6.5” x 6.5,” as they will be finished at 6” x 6.” Entries should have no embellishments, contain no copyrighted images, and be made of 100% cotton fabric. A description of the significance of the feature must accompany each submission. Block submissions will be accepted from organizations – e.g. local quilting guilds – and individuals now through Saturday, June 15, 2019.


Cole County submissions will be judged according to whether they have met criteria, level of creativity and craft, and description of significance. The judging committee will include individuals attending the Salute to America festival. Judging will take place during the festival at the Missouri River Regional Library, with blocks selected for the quilt notified by August 1.


To submit a Cole County entry for the Missouri Bicentennial Quilt, complete the online form, and then mail/drop off your quilt block to the Missouri River Regional Library. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your submission to get your quilt block back if it is not selected. Please do not send your quilt blocks to Missouri Star Quilt Company.